By Andy Hargreaves

Mike Gurr

Mike Gurr

A meeting of Scilly’s wildlife groups today could help encourage more detailed record-keeping of birds, insects, sea life and plants on the islands.

The Bat Group is hosting the day-long event, which will decide what facts are important to note when locals or visitors are reporting wildlife sightings.

A range of specialists will offer their input during the session and the group hopes to agree the wording of a standard reporting form, which will be made available at the TIC and other public places.

Chairman of the Bat Group, Mike Gurr, says he’s very enthusiastic about the meeting because it’s a chance to make a real “scientific advance” in how our wildlife is recorded.

Mike feels that asking set questions, such as where and when something was seen, as well as being honest about whether the identification of a species is a ‘guess’ will all help to improve the data.

During the session there’ll be a presentation from a mainland Bat Conservation Trust expert about recording bat sightings and Rosemary Parslow will give her thoughts on identifying plants.

After the morning session and lunch, the meeting will continue at the Garden Pavilion this afternoon.

Mike says locals and interested visitors are welcome and there’ll be a bat walk starting at 9.30pm on Holgate’s Green this evening.