Innovative plans to create a “shared space” scheme in Bodmin’s Dennison Road and Church Square by improving conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, removing street clutter and reducing traffic speeds have been formally unveiled this week.

Over the past few months Bodmin residents and organisations have been looking at ways to improve the local environment on Dennison Road and Church Square. These include plans by Better Bodmin to create a food and drink culture along Dennison Road and the vision set out in Bodmin Masterplan’s to create a ‘sense of place’ upon arrival to the town.

To support the delivery of these aspirations, Cornwall Council has been working closely with Bodmin Town Council and Better Bodmin to develop plans to create a ‘shared-space’ scheme along a section of Dennison Road running through to Church Square.

The shared space scheme will involve creating a softer, less segregated approach to traffic management along the street, resulting in steadier traffic flows with improved conditions for pedestrians and cyclists and an improved economic viability of the street. The concept involves removing street clutter, widening pavements, and reducing traffic speeds while improving traffic flows to encourage more active travel.

Shared-space schemes, often seen across Europe, have successfully been deployed elsewhere in the country, and have brought significant improvements to the street scape and public realm for all users.

The scheme has the full support of local Cornwall Councillors Pat and Steve Rogerson who said “ Since 2013 a main focus for our work within the town has been to improve traffic flow and air quality on existing roads and to stimulate trade for our businesses. The result of much work by officers and councillors has now culminated in plans for the development of a cycle route and a shared use route following Dennison Road.

“We are delighted to support the scheme and wish to thank all those concerned for their positivity and resolve. This is major step forward in preserving the health, wealth and safety of our town.’

The Mayor of Bodmin Andy Coppin, is also delighted with the proposals. “I am really excited about the concept of shared space and the improvement that could be achieved in some of the town’s more challenging areas such as Church Square and Dennison Road. The principles behind shared space would seem to offer a solution to some of the town’s traffic management problems and could result with engaged motorists reducing their speed and taking more care as they drive through our town.”

“This fresh approach to the management and movement of people and traffic could see an increase in shopper / visitor dwell time in the town centre, boosting the town economy.

The Bodmin project is one of a number of initiatives put forward by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership and Cornwall Council for a slice of the Government’s Local Growth Fund.

The scheme, which is being delivered as a Bodmin package in conjunction with a Camel Trail to Lanhydrock cycle link and a new junction at Launceston Road/Priory Road, is scheduled to be delivered by March 2017.

Posted on 21 January