The Council is launching a consultation on a Minerals Safeguarding Plan which aims to look after natural resources which are found in Cornwall such as china clay, granite and tin.

The Plan, which will be part of the Cornwall Local Plan, sets out the important mineral resources which need to be safeguarded. It doesn’t indicate where mining or quarrying should or will take place as any new site or any extension to an existing site would need to go through the planning process.

The Plan will be published for consultation between Monday 07 November 2016 and 5pm on Monday 19 December 2016.

Cornwall has a complex and diverse geology and its minerals are an important natural resource which can only be extracted where they occur. This extraction influences Cornwall’s economy, landscape and communities by providing local construction materials, and employment.

Cornwall Council cabinet member for planning Edwina Hannaford said: “The Cornwall Minerals Safeguarding Plan aims to safeguard our indigenous minerals. It reminds us that we are the guardians of the future for mining and quarrying in Cornwall and that what we do now, in terms of safeguarding our mineral resources, will influence what is possible in the future”.

Feedback provided during the consultation will help the Council to prepare the Minerals Safeguarding Plan for submission to the Government and independent examination. It is anticipated that submission and examination will take place in mid-2017.

The Minerals Safeguarding Plan and supporting evidence is available online at

Hard copies of the consultation documents will also be made available to view at Cornwall Council One Stop Shops, Council libraries and New County Hall Reception.

Representations should be made using the response form which is available online or to download from the Minerals Safeguarding Development Plan Document page and can be returned by email or post.

Story posted: 7 November 2016