By Andy Hargreaves

cornish flag

Cornish officials will agree a Cornwall Devolution deal today. But it’s unclear how Scilly’s Council will be affected.

In February the Chief Executive warned councillors it could result in the creation of a combined Authority for the region.

Today’s agreement will give the county greater powers over areas of public spending, like healthcare, transport, employment and energy matters.

And Scilly and Cornwall will be allowed to choose how €603m of European funding is spent, instead of Westminster deciding.

As part of the agreement, Cornwall Council and the Local Enterprise Partnership will be integrating national and local business support services from 2017.

David Cameron will come down from London to oversee the signing of the agreement by the chairmen of Cornwall Council, the Scilly and Cornwall LEP and NHS Kernow.

Scilly is closely linked to Cornwall, with agencies based there working with our Council on a range of services including the health and wellbeing strategy.

But the islands’ councillors aren’t in the loop over how the devolution will affect Scilly.

In February, Council Chief Executive Theo Leijser, warned that the devolution would “undoubtedly have an impact on Scilly.” And earlier this month Scilly’s Council Chairman Amanda Martin said nothing could be decided here until our own councillors are informed of the plans.

Cornwall Council will now work with partners and London civil servants to develop detailed plans to implement the proposals.