By Andy Hargreaves

solar panels

The Council is abandoning its search for a company to work with on smart grid technology after an EU-wide advertisement failed to bring a partner.

The project would have used digital communications to react to local changes in electricity use and increase energy efficiency.

Last November, the Authority’s Economic Development Department announced ambitious plans to get two in five islanders driving electric cars and to generate 40% of the islands’ energy needs here by 2025.

It’s been a pet project of the Council Chief Executive, Theo Liesjer.

At his first public meeting after starting in the role, he said he would “absolutely love” to ban cars from Scilly, allowing only some electric vehicles, as well as taxis, buses and emergency vehicles.

And the Senior Development Manager, Diana Mompoloki, revealed that the authority had already had meetings with delegations from Japan and Taiwan about the smart grid technology.

At the time, the Council suggested the tie-up could include Scilly school children being taught Taiwanese or Japanese.

But the Council now says it could take 12 to 18 months to form a joint-venture company with more time required to develop the projects to be delivered.

They believe it will be difficult to find funding for this.

However the Council says it’s going to continue with the work. Instead, they’re going to develop, “a portfolio of smaller projects which will deliver the same overall vision.”