By Andy Hargreaves

aonb sign

A councillor has pushed for copies of the draft AONB management plan to be placed in off-island community centres so more islanders can read it.

The Council is responsible for producing the document, which details how our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty will be managed for the next five years. And they want your comments on the new plan.

But at Tuesday’s Planning Meeting, Cllr Christine Savill took issue with just a single hard copy being placed in the Council’s One Stop Shop – the reception area of the Town Hall on St Mary’s.

Chris said it’s “not very generous” having a single copy if the Council was looking for feedback, and said the venue was “not that inviting to read a 50-odd page document.”

She suggested placing a copy in the Porthcressa Library, as well as in the Community Halls.

Councillors were given their first chance to comment on the plan at the meeting.

Christine felt it was “good on the whole” but needed a good proof read.

But St Martin’s councillor, Colin Daly took issue with a statement in the plan, which said that there was “no treatment of any of the sewage from the islands not even screening.”

Senior Manager for Development, Diana Mompoloki, said that was a mistake, because waste water was treated in the biobubble in Old Town and through septic tanks on the off-islands.

She said she’d correct it.

The draft plan will be published on the AONB’s website and the Council will hold a community forum to allow responses from the public in March.