By Andy Hargreaves

hugh town houses 2

A meeting tomorrow could pave the way for up to 120 new homes in Scilly when councillors discuss a new Local Plan.

That’s the document required by law that sets out how land on the islands will be used to support the community and economy over the next ten years.

It will form the basis of all planning decisions made by the Council.

At tomorrow’s meeting, members of the Local Plan Sub-committee will be asked to agree a timetable for how they’ll consult with residents this spring and summer.

And they’ll be likely to approve a document that lays out the key questions you’ll be asked.

The report says up to 120 new homes have been recommended by Ash Futures in their Economic Plan published last year.

They want to know whether you agree and, if so, where they should be built.

And to overcome some of the issues of high building costs here, there could be more housing made available to buy on the open market rather than restricted to local needs, mixed in to any developments.

The plan also considers whether more can be done to diversify the islands’ economy, particularly into farming or innovative businesses using the new high speed internet.

And Hugh Town could be designated as a ‘town centre.’ It would allow more control over the mix of residential and commercial properties in this area.

That could halt the decline in shops, restaurants and other businesses in the town.

There will also be questions about the use of renewable energy and smart grids.

It’s hoped the new plan will be submitted to the government next year.