The news of continued support from the government for the Cornish language, which will provide £150,000 support for the next financial year, has been welcomed by the Cornish Language Partnership, led by Cornwall Council.

‘This is good news, which will allow work on the further development and promotion of the Cornish language’, said Partnership Chair Cllr Julian German. ‘We put forward a case for continued government support which explained the importance of the language to Cornish distinctiveness and therefore to the people and the economy of Cornwall. I am pleased that the government has recognised this and responded positively despite the current difficult economic climate and the forthcoming election. We are disappointed that the funding settlement is for one year only, as we expend much time and effort on securing the funding rather than promoting and developing the language. We hope to work positively with the new government in due course towards an effective longer term plan which will allow for a greater degree of strategic planning’

Cornwall Council has already pledged continued support for the work. The Council has hosted MAGA, the Cornish Language Partnership, which is responsible for promoting the language and works across education, community and the public and private sectors, for the past few years.

Interest in Cornish is strong and the language is being used by more businesses than ever before. We are glad that we will be able to respond to this demand with continued support and development.

After ten years of the current strategy, which was the first for Cornish, the Cornish Language Partnership is currently evaluating how the programme of work is being delivered in order to ensure that we have the best model in place to take us forward.

Story posted on 13 March 2015