By Letters

We have written to the Britain Stronger in Europe and Vote Leave campaigns to ask how a leave or remain vote will affect the UK’s treasured natural environment and its remarkable and already threatened species (Could Brexit be the best thing for Europe’s wildlife?,, 9 May). The decision on whether to stay in the EU or to leave will have many far-reaching and long-term effects. While several of the areas where this effect will be felt have been debated in some depth, such as trade, investment, immigration and jobs, there are other important areas that have not been given attention by campaigners, but directly or indirectly affect us all. A significant gap is the impact on wildlife.

The outcome of June’s referendum has the potential to change the face of the UK’s countryside for generations to come. We strongly believe that whether people are committed to the EU, determined to leave, or still undecided, the effect their vote will have on the natural environment must be known.