By Nick Eyriey Centrica (parent company of British Gas) has launched a Local Energy Market trial, inviting businesses to test their £19 million programme aiming to optimise energy demand and on-site generation:

“Centrica is looking to sign up around 60 businesses to take part in the trial, and will be awarding funds to cover the cost of a variety of initiatives including energy audits, smart technology upgrades and new energy storage units.

Once installed, participants will connect to a virtual marketplace that will allow them to sell their flexible energy capacity to both the grid and the wholesale energy market.”

The original announcement of the scheme stressed the importance of innovation and renewables in delivering the programme:

“Over the next three years, Centrica’s Distributed Energy and Power business will work with renewable generators, local businesses and other large energy users to give them free smart technology upgrades and install new energy storage units with the aim of helping them to unlock new revenue streams. The team will also install battery units, micro-combined heat and power (CHP), or a combination of the two, in up to 100 homes.”

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