Joint media release sent from SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK Ltd and Cornwall Council

The Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre (CERC), which will take waste that’s left over after recycling and turn it into electricity to power the equivalent of 21,000 homes, is in its final stage of construction in St Dennis.

The next stage is the testing phase. A leaflet updating local people about what will happen during the testing phase, before the CERC becomes fully operational, has been sent to addresses of residents and businesses close to the site.

The leaflet has been sent on behalf of Suez Recycling and Recovery UK Limited, Cornwall Council, St Dennis Parish Council, St Stephen-in-Brannel Parish Council and Cornwall Councillor Fred Greenslade. It also includes information about how local people have been involved via the CERC’s Community Forum and about the community fund available.

As detailed in the leaflet, the testing phase will include steam blowing, which may last for approximately 20 minutes and occur several times a day for approximately one week. During this steam blowing there may be a very loud rushing air type of noise and a plume of water vapour as the steam condenses in the cooler external air. This activity, proposed from mid-July, will ensure that the inside of the steam boiler tubes are clean and ready for the generation of steam. It will not form a part of normal operations once the CERC is fully operational.

Subject to the successful completion of the steam blowing and other ongoing construction and testing activities, the first waste to be treated at the CERC will likely take place towards the end of July. The testing phase is expected to take several months before the CERC is fully operational.

For more information please see the full leaflet at As well as being sent to residents, the leaflet is being put up in prominent locations in and around the two Parishes.

Story posted 7 July 2016