By Andy Hargreaves

Wildlife Trust offices at Trenoweth

Wildlife Trust offices at Trenoweth

A husband and wife team now head up Scilly’s Wildlife Trust operations.

Darren Mason, partner of manager Sarah Mason, has been appointed to the recently advertised Head Ranger role.

The couple moved to Scilly when Sarah re-located from the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust in the spring of 2013.

Since then Darren has been working mainly as a sports therapist and has been leading wildlife-watching tours on St Agnes boats.

He has worked in wildlife consultancy before.

The Trust’s new Communications Officer is Lucy Newton. She’s also worked for the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust as well as the Brecon Beacons National Park.

Gemma Bowcock has been recruited to the Access and Engagement Officer role.

Last November, the Trust successfully bid for £62,000 from the AONB. Some of that money was awarded so they could improve access to areas that they manage, repair and maintain boardwalks and add information boards.

Part of that project is now underway on the Lower Moors of St Mary’s.

The Trust are cutting back willow scrub, which they say is taking over the area, to ground level. When it is thinned, flowering plants can grow better in the gaps exposed to sunlight and that, in turn, attracts more insects and butterflies.