Local residents and communities in Cornwall are being asked for their views on a new planning document which will provide guidance on how renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, wave, geothermal and biomass, can be deployed without harming Cornwall’s unique environment and heritage.

The draft Renewable Energy Supplementary Planning Document (SPD), which has been produced by the Council’s Planning service, contains guidance on a range of renewable energy technologies. It also provides an explanation of community ownership and highlights the importance of effective community engagement before planning applications are submitted and contains detailed guidance on specific issues such as landscape and cumulative impact (in particular for wind turbines and solar farms).

“Cornwall benefits from a range of significant renewable energy resources, including onshore wind, solar, deep geothermal, biomass and marine energy potential “said Edwina Hannaford, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning. “The Council places great importance on the need to manage these valuable resources responsibly while safeguarding our local environment and the lives of residents. We also recognise the great potential for residents and communities to be involved in and benefit from the transition to a low carbon Cornwall – indeed Cornwall Council continues to lead the way in this respect.

“The Renewable Energy SPD is being developed to provide the detailed guidance needed to help the Cornwall Local Plan achieve these goals.“

Once adopted the SPD will become part of the local planning framework for Cornwall and will be taken into account when determining renewable energy planning applications.

Consultation on the SDP, which includes general guidance relating to all renewable energy technologies and specific siting and design guidance, will run from 23 January until Friday 27 March 2014.

The documents will be available on the website via the following link: www.cornwall.gov.uk/renewablespd.

Posted on 23 January

Via: http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/council-and-democracy/council-news-room/media-releases/news-from-2015/news-from-january-2015/people-in-cornwall-asked-for-their-views-on-new-draft-renewable-energy-guidance/