Last week two new Recycling Advisors have begun work in Porthleven as part of the Pots, Tubs and Trays recycling trial.

The trial was launched in November 2015 to 46,000 homes across Cornwall. As plastic pots, tubs and trays make up a large amount of household rubbish the trial aims to see how much of these can be recycled, and to better understand the environmental benefit and costs of collecting these extra plastics.

Responses to the trial have so far been really positive, with more people recycling and more material being placed out for recycling. However there is a substantial amount of plastic material that can’t be recycled being placed out for collection. In order to encourage as many people as possible to take part in the kerbside collection service, and to help them use the service properly, two temporary Recycling Advisors have begun work in Porthleven.

Our new Recycling Advisors, Dot and Lisa, will be visiting people in their homes to find out about their recycling habits, and explaining what they can and can’t recycle. They will also be offering extra recycling equipment for those that need it.

They will be carrying Cornwall Council ID and will be visiting homes during September and October, so should able to complete all door to door visits in Porthleven and move onto other towns.

If there is no one at home the Advisors will put a “while you were out” card through the door giving basic information and asking residents to contact the Refuse and Recycling team by email or phone.

Esther O’Bearagh, Cornwall Council Waste Officer, said: “The new Recycling Advisors will be helping answer questions about the details of the trial, they will have information with them and will have a limited amount of recycling equipment to hand out. Dot and Lisa are looking forward to meeting the residents of Porthleven and finding out how they think the service is working as well as offering advice.”

Andrew Wallis, Cornwall Councillor for Porthleven and Helston West, said: “We are always looking for ways to make recycling easier and to encourage residents to recycle more. This trial is a fantastic opportunity to increase the amount that we recycle and the advisors will be on hand to provide assistance and advice. I am sure that local residents will be keen to get on board and show that Porthleven is one of the best recycling areas in Cornwall.”

Joyce Duffin, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Environment, said: “The Pots, tubs and trays trial is having some really positive results in the pilot areas and I’m sure that the new Recycling Advisors will have a great impact.”

Porthleven was chosen to launch the Advisors as recycling participation surveys are being undertaken in the area which will supply accurate information about the amount of recycling that is being collected. This means that the impact of this method of communication can be measured and, if it works, hopefully expanded in the future.

For more information about the Recycling Advisors contact the Cornwall Council Refuse and Recycling team on 0300 1234 141 or email For more information about the trial visit the Cornwall Council Pots, tubs and trays recycling trial webpage.

Story posted 03 October 2016