Cornwall Council will shortly be launching two different trial initiatives that will help reduce rubbish and improve recycling services across Cornwall.

The pots, tubs and trays recycling trial starts on the 30 November 2015. The trial will consist of approximately 46,000 properties across parts of the previous Kerrier and Carrick Districts.

These properties were chosen as they are all on the same collection route and the rounds all take place out of the Newham Depot in Truro. This does mean that unfortunately, in some cases, only part of a town or village will be included in the pots, tubs and trays trial.

Properties included in the trial will have already received two leaflets in the post. Find out if you are in the pots, tubs and trays recycling trial.

Collections of the plastic pots, tubs and trays will commence from Monday 30 November. Properties that did not receive the leaflet are asked not to put any pots, tubs or trays out for recycling, as this will affect the trial results.

“Plastic pots, tubs and trays make up a large proportion of our household rubbish and we currently can’t recycle them. We want to see how much we can recycle if we could. We currently only collect plastic bottles in the collection service, along with the other materials such as paper, cardboard, cans/tins, glass and textiles,” said Councillor Joyce Duffin, Cabinet Member for Housing and Environment

“We want to find out if recycling the extra items will reduce rubbish and increase recycling rates which is why we are only trialling it, and not doing it everywhere so we can compare the results.”Only 65% of properties currently use the weekly recycling collection service. By increasing the number of items you can recycle, and raising awareness of our recycling collection service, we hope we will increase the overall percentage of properties that recycle.

In other parts of Cornwall we are inviting a number of town and parishes to take part in the ‘waste incentive neighbourhood scheme’.

The scheme has received funding from Government to reduce the amount of black bag rubbish. We are offering town and parish councils the opportunity to submit their campaign ideas on how they can encourage residents to reduce their rubbish.

This scheme is about town and parish councils submitting ideas on how to reduce the amount of rubbish in their area.

The successful council will receive a start-up cost to launch their campaign and reward at the end of their campaign depending on how much their rubbish has been reduced.

At the end of both of these trials we will compare the results to see if the pilots are successful in reducing Cornwall’s rubbish.