Communities, business and members of the public have just two weeks left to help shape the way Cornwall deals with the problem of flooding in the future.

As part of its role as a lead Local Flood Authority the Council is required to produce a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy to improve Cornwall’s preparedness and resilience in the event of flooding and manage the risks involved.

The draft strategy was published last month and members of the public have until 31 July 2014 to give their views on the proposals.

“Flooding is a real risk faced by residents and businesses across Cornwall” said Edwina Hannaford, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Heritage and Planning. “While it is not possible to prevent all flooding, residents, businesses and the relevant authorities can work together as a community to try and reduce the risk and minimise the potential damage that flooding can cause.“

The Local Flood Risk Management Strategy provides an overview of the flood risk issues in Cornwall and the potential sources of flooding. The strategy sets how the Council and partner authorities propose to work together to manage local flood risk from a variety of sources including surface water, groundwater, sewers, rivers, coastal and tidal flooding. It considers the pressures that are likely to influence future flood risk in Cornwall and sets out a series of themes to help manage these risks.

“Following last winter’s storms, flooding is very much at the forefront of people’s minds” said Edwina Hannaford. “We have been working on our flood strategy for some time and now, more than ever, it’s important that we address the issues but also recognise the limitations and constraints.”

“We are keen to hear the views of businesses, community groups and residents, and to work with them to minimise the risks and damage caused by flooding. By publishing this local strategy we hope to provide a greater awareness of the issues and to be transparent and open in our approach to interpreting national strategy at an appropriate local level.”

The draft strategy and supporting documents can be viewed and downloaded at or you can view a hard copy at New County Hall Reception in Truro or at libraries throughout Cornwall.

Story posted 16 July 2014