People in Cornwall are being invited to help shape a new ground breaking strategy aimed at encouraging businesses, organisations, communities and individuals to work together to increase environmental, social and economic prosperity.

Cornwall’s Environmental Growth Strategy 2015-2065 is being produced through a unique collaboration between Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Nature Partnership, Cornwall Council and environmental organisations and partners. Once adopted it will provide a framework within which the Council, the Local Nature Partnership, the Health & Wellbeing Board and the Local Enterprise Partnership can work more effectively together for Cornwall’s environment.

“Environmental Growth is a ground-breaking approach designed to help improve the outlook for nature and for people in Cornwall” said Edwina Hannaford, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning. “Our environment provides the foundation for all we do; we rely on nature to provide a hospitable environment for us, to support our health and wellbeing and our economy. However, nature is now in serious decline and we urgently need to repair the damage that has been done over many decades.”

“Environmental growth provides us with a way of reversing this decline to create a flourishing society and economy in Cornwall. The Strategy will look over the next 50 years to help make sure the long term consequences of our actions are positive.”

The Strategy is built on four core themes. The first theme ‘Experiencing Cornwall’ is about the role of the environment to create the quality of our lives. We rely on our environment for both our basic survival and some of the most enjoyable elements of life. By increasing the pleasurable and reciprocal interactions we have with the environment to contribute to Environmental Growth we can increase the quality of life for everyone in Cornwall.

The second theme is called ‘Understanding Cornwall’ which focuses on increasing what we know about nature in Cornwall, what we have a lot of and what is declining, so we can inform decisions about where to focus our environmental growth efforts. The third theme ‘Valuing Cornwall’ helps to explain how we can consider the environment in our decisions and use the information we have effectively, to ensure nature can continue to support us. Finally, ‘Achieving Environmental Growth’ describes our ambitions for the future, that will make sure the environment in Cornwall remains the fundamental core of our society and economy in Cornwall.

We are seeking views from residents and visitors to Cornwall about the content of the draft document. The consultation, which begins this week, runs until 5pm on 16 November. Copies of the consultation document are available on

Anyone with queries on the development of the Strategy or wanting to request a paper copy can email or telephone 01872 224316.

Story posted: 9 October 2015