People living in the Roseland will have the opportunity to vote on their local Neighbourhood Development Plan when a formal referendum is held on Thursday 20 August 2015.

The question to be asked of voters at the referendum is: “Do you want Cornwall Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Roseland to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

Local councils across the UK were given the powers to develop Neighbourhood Development Plans as part of the 2011 Localism Act. Since then more than 70 parishes across Cornwall have begun work on developing their own plans for their local area.

Roseland is one of a number of areas to formally designate its parishes as a Neighbourhood Area with support and advice from members of Cornwall Council’s Planning Department, Localism Team and Planning Aid to navigate the process and produce its Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The Referendum will be conducted following similar procedures to those used at local government elections. Poll cards have been sent to voters registered in the neighbourhood plan area, which covers the parishes of Gerrans, Philleigh, Ruan Lanihorne, St Just in Roseland and Veryan.

Jon Smith, Chair of the Roseland Plan Steering Group, said: “It has taken the better part of 3 years and an enormous amount of effort by a very large number of people to get from the first public meetings to where we are now, with The Roseland Neighbourhood Development Plan having passed Examination and proceeding towards Referendum. It is now time to decide whether The Plan should be used to help determine local planning applications. An unwavering feature of our approach has been to encourage everyone in the Roseland community to ‘Have Your Say’, so that the Plan truly reflects the community’s aspirations for the future. In the same spirit, I urge everyone to use their vote in the Referendum and make their views known.”

A Notice of Referendum and more information has been published on the Cornwall Council website.

More information about the Referendum is available from Electoral Services in 01209 614373 or from the Council’s website at

Edwina Hannaford, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Planning, said “Communities all over Cornwall are developing their plans. If agreed at the referendum, local planning applications will be determined by locally agreed planning policies. This is localism in action.”

Story posted: 27 July 2015