Members of staff stood outside one of Rick Stein's restaurants

Cornwall Council’s Public Protection Service has signed a new Primary Authority Agreement with The Rick Stein Group.

Famous for their fantastic seafood restaurants, Rick and Jill Stein have been welcoming guests for over 40 years. The business has grown from the opening of The Seafood Restaurant in 1975 to a collection of food-inspired shops, boutique rooms and self-catering cottages, a cookery school, a bakery and production kitchen and ten restaurants across three counties.

Now, Cornwall Council’s Public Protection Service will further develop the positive working relationship they have forged with the businesses in The Rick Stein Group to cover functions such as Environmental Health and Trading Standards legislation, or specific areas such as food safety. The Rick Stein group will be confident that the statutory partnership formed with Cornwall Council means that the expert opinion provided in relation to regulatory compliance will be reliable across the whole of the UK.

The Primary Authority national scheme is overseen by the BRDO (Better Regulation Delivery Office) and gives businesses operating across council boundaries (regardless of their size) the right to form partnerships with a single local authority.

This new partnership means that The Rick Stein Group will deal with Cornwall Council on food safety and food standards regulations which will provide them with assured management systems that can be implemented in any of their premises across the UK.

Ian Fitzgerald, Operations Director for the Rick Stein Group said: “Whilst sourcing and serving great produce has always been the passion, standards and safety underpin everything we do as a business. Partnering with Cornwall Council in a Primary Authority Agreement helps reinforce our approach to safety. We recognise the value of a close, open and challenging relationship where access to up-to-the-minute thinking and expertise has helped us to continuously improve.”

Cornwall Council Head of Public Protection and Business Support, Allan Hampshire said: “By choosing to participate in the scheme, The Rick Stein Group is demonstrating a commitment to working in partnership with Cornwall Council and a desire to build on its experience of regulation. I am delighted that we have entered this partnership and that we are in a position to sign this Agreement with a business that is showing its commitment to ensuring better protection for consumers. We are also pleased to be helping this business save valuable resources by reducing the need for duplication requests from local authorities from across the Country.”

Cornwall Council cabinet member for communities Geoff Brown said: “This new primary authority agreement demonstrates Cornwall Council’s determination to support businesses as they grow and develop by providing a professional, critical friend.”

Story posted 12 May 2016