By Andy Hargreaves

moorwell dump with truck

Scilly’s household recycling rate fell last year and is now the worst in England.

The latest figures released by Defra show the Council reused just 14% of the waste produced on the islands in 2014/15.

That’s down from 19.5% in the previous year.

It means we’re now bottom of the table, after rising to third worse in the country last year.

The average rate of recycling in England was 44%, with the best local authority, South Oxfordshire District Council, achieving a whopping 67%.

England must reach a 50% EU recycling target by 2020 or face fines.

Last month, the Council received planning permission to build a new recycling shed at the Moorwell waste site, which will be used to process materials before they’re sent to the mainland.

However, they still haven’t announced when kerbside recycling collections will begin on St Mary’s.