The Ramblers, in partnership with Cornwall Council and Cormac have been working in Towednack Parish in West Cornwall during February and March 2017 and have now completed a number of improvements to the local paths, which may be of interest to wildlife and nature walkers in the area:

“The work has been carried out by Cornwall Rambler volunteers; REACT (Ramblers Environmental Action Clearance Team). This team of Rambler Volunteers work throughout the county restoring unusable or blocked paths on a programme agreed with Cornwall Council.
We have been able to complete the following works:

1. Reopened Towednack Path No 22 from Grid Reference SW 48743 36482, near The Count House, to the junction with Towednack Path No 21 at Grid Reference SW 48523 36641.
The first part of this path was very overgrown with dense bracken and brambles, and to all intents and purposes, impassable. This has been now cleared and roadside signage erected. We have constructed a new kissing gate at the first field, and other field stiles on this path have been refurbished and made usable.

2. Near to Embla Gew at Grid Reference SW 48027 36778 we have built a 4.8 metre bridge across the stream and cleared the adjacent granite stile of vegetation and wire.
This now provides easy access to the Open Access land that lies beyond. To aid navigation a way-marker post has been erected mid way across the Open Access on the line of the Towednack Path No 25. This path continues uphill to meet an existing stile at the boundary of the Open Access land.
We would also like to thank all the landowners and occupiers who have co-operated in removing barbed wire obstructions and electric fences.
There are a few minor things to finish off, e.g. non slip on bridge, flag signs, and a timber stile to be erected by a landowner.

If you would to know more about REACT or would like to volunteer, please visit our website”