By Melanie Jenkins

Farmers Weekly

Farmers in the South West have helped to save a rare farmland bird in a 25-year collaboration with the RSPB. Farmers and the RSPB don’t always see eye to eye, but by working together they have increased the population of an extraordinary little bird – the cirl bunting – by more than 900%. Over the past quarter of a century, farmers in south-west England have been encouraged to grow spring barley, leave stubbles over winter and delay cutting hedgerows, as […]

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One of the UK’s most endangered songbirds is no longer on the brink of extinction, the RSPB says.


By Jessica Aldred

Conservation programme sees numbers of the endangered cirl bunting reach 1,078 pairs – up from just 118 in 1989

One of Britain’s most threatened farmland birds has reached a major milestone in its recovery from the brink of extinction, figures show.

A nationwide survey by the RSPB shows the UK population of the cirl bunting – a small, finch-like bird – has reached 1,078 pairs after numbering just 118 in 1989.